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Finally got a logo and name

It was a long process to find our final logo (for the moment). Echo and Mahmoud preferred to have something more playful. After a lot of debating, we settled down for a raccoon as our mascot. We diced for this animal for many reasons.

These cute playful outlaws are memorable and have a big recognition factor. Another reason is that Echo and Julian lived and studied in Kassel (Hessen) which is famous for the Hercules a giant sculpture guard over Kassel and their gangs of raccoons which became also the mascot of the Universität Kassel.

Here you can see the different approaches we had to find out the logo. some of them are very close to the final resault. Please share whit us which of the cute guys u like the most.

And here is our final decision.

We also decided to choose "Pektis Studio" as our name and not "Pektis Games". This represents our aim to also work in different fields like art and designing of clothes.

We would be happy if you share your opinion with us and if we made the right decision.

I hope we see us soon again and feel free to join our forum.

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