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Wanderlust: Developer Diary 1

Who doesn’t like to travel? I definitely do.

Actually, I mostly play Euro- and Wargames, therefore, I obviously wanted to develop one of these games, but my dearest friend Mahmoud said that I don’t play enough other genres and I am stuck in a bubble, “If you don’t play something else you won’t be able to develop anything else.

“Well, challenge accepted!”

The basic idea was to develop a card game with the theme of vacation and travel. My wanderlust during the Corona crisis might actually have had a little influence on the choice of this theme. But after the first thoughts and the development of the basic elements I gave up the idea of a pure card game and added a board displaying a world map to the existing cards. Actually, it is still possible to play it with a “digital copy” of the map on every player’s phone, but I have to admit in that case there is a lack of clarity.

After a lot of thinking and doing handicrafts, I finally had my first prototype consisting of transport cards, destination cards, the map, and three different kinds of collectibles.

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