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Spiel23 Recap

Essenspiel took place a couple of weeks ago.

After Essen23, we kept ourselves busy resting, recovering from the flu, and reviewing the digital print copy of 'Wanderlust: Discover the World.'

Before we share some exciting photos from the sample copy, we would like to provide you with a recap of Spiel23.

Spiel23 was another amazing experience. We are thrilled by your enthusiastic feedback, which serves as a great motivational boost and reminds us of the incredible community we have! We had the pleasure of meeting many of you—both new faces and old friends, as well as other genuine industry colleagues. Here are some photos we took:

We consider ourselves fortunate to have all of you as part of this journey. Seeing the smiles on your faces makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worthwhile.

Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

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