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Wanderlust: Developer Diary 5: Meeple design

Meeple design after all stretch goals unlocked

Today we are going to talk about our meeple design.

None of us actually made meeple designs before, so here is just our draft of how we want the meeple to look, the minor details & size might change slightly after we talk to our manufacturer.

In Wanderlust base game, we have 5 different characters who will give you different starting power, by the way, we also updated our player board.

Green: Sam

Blue: Scott

Purple: Jackie

Orange: Cindy

Yellow: Laura

We want custom designs for our meeples, and each meeple somehow showcases the character's job.

So I (Echo) started with this bold guy, so all meeples play off the same base couture line, and it will look cohesive at the end.

I know this does not look all that attractive at the first sight, but..... it gives me a good base to start with.

After loads of back and forth, I have something like this:

It is not easy to design silhouettes, it has to be recognizable and most importantly readable since it is just a blob of color.

I really like how they turn out. We might have some issues with the negative cut out with the last orange planer meeple, but overall i do think they look cute and unique.

For the screen printed version, I know I want to have just one solid color and deliver a clean design to fit in the overall graphic style, but I also want it to look a bit playful and quirky.

Can I just say I LOVE IT!!

I love the simplified arm and ear, I love the leg in the back has a cross-hatching texture, so it has dimension. And each meeple really captured the essence of each character.

I can not wait one day I actually hold these meeples in my hand.

I hope you guys like these meeple as much as we do.




PS: Our Kickstarter Pre-Lauch page is up and running, it will be great if you can click the link below and give it a follow.

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