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Fintastic Sea

Dive into Fintastic Sea, a captivating hand management game for 2-4 players, where you'll catch fish and build thriving habitats to score big! With easy, medium, and hard modes, there's a challenge for everyone from beginners to expert marine biologists.

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What is Fintastic Sea

Fintastic Sea is a hand management and set collection game for 2-4 marine biologists. Players will play fish into the ocean to catch smaller fish, then add the prey to the reserve or habitat. Maintaining a healthy reserve makes your fish stronger; however, only fish in the habitat earn you VP. Can you make use of the ever-changing tide and make the best of your hand of fish?

Fintastic Sea comes with three different modes: easy mode for beginners or as a filler, medium mode for intermediate players, and hard mode, which is a real brainteaser for expert players.

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